The Multi-Faceted Woman

At the heart of the design process is always the wearer.  Whilst we begin each design process by various shapes and themes that inspire us, our design ethos is always that of wearability.  We ask ourselves if each piece will not just flatter the wearer, but also complement her daily life.  The women we always keep in mind are those with a mile long to-do list: a woman with both grit and grace, one who embraces all aspects of her personality – the multi-hyphenate.

Meet Aarika – the ultimate multi-hyphenate du jour.  In sunny Singapore this lady runs a business, is a singer in a band, mother of two and does all that with the most bad-ass sense of style.  This girl-crush is not over.

We had a moment with her to ask 10 most pertinent questions:

Chocolate or chips?

The last song I hit ‘play’ on was:
Erykah Badu’s “On & On”

My 3 most prized possessions are:
I’m guessing saying my Children count as two and my Husband the third one, doesn’t count? Also they aren’t technically my possessions 🙂 So it would have to be: My engagement ring, my grandmother’s wedding ring and old photographs I have from my childhood.

My guilty pleasure is:

Every woman should own:
A piece of jewellery that she loves and can wear every day

Every man should own:
A well-cut suit

My greatest style regret is:
3/4 pants. URGH!

I would steal:

If I had to invite 5 people to dinner, they would be:
Oprah, Reese Witherspoon, Mili Brown, Ryan Gosling and Kevin (my husband)

The key to life is:
Finding out what you’re good at and using it to serve the people around you. It will give you fulfilment and it’s what will make you happy.

It’s confirmed… we love her.

Some of Aarika's staple rings

Cloud Ring

Rain ring in 14k solid gold - the straits finery

tiny half moon ring in 14k solid gold
Cloud Ring
Rain Ring
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