A Coming of Age Story

A collaboration with Snackfood was something that was long overdue. We probably would not even be The Straits Finery if it were not for the support and encouragement of Snackfood.

The little project started off as quite simple…

The Brief

  • The aim: to create a capsule collection of “earrings every woman should own”, as envisioned by Adeline Chong, founder extraordinaire of Snackfood.
  • The inspiration: designs that represent the various phases of a woman ‘coming of age’.

What transpired was quite unexpected. The design process and expression of the idea became a time to look back at our past selves. How do we become the people we are today?

The Process

What stood out the most is how we expressed the phases we went through in our personal style.  The commonalities we had between us was the struggle to find some semblance of style, a time of experimenting with androgyny and a time of embracing your own femininity (this word is quite a mouthful hey!).  In a way, it was a journey of discovery from being a girl to feeling like a ‘woman’: A coming of age. [NOTE: Neither of us TSF girls feel like we have reached the ‘woman’ stage in life… That is our personal struggle]

The Designs

Eventually, these three phases were encapsulated with 3 pairs of 14k solid gold (because we’re grown up now) earrings

The Straits Finery x Snackfood capsule collection - Tic Tac
The Straits Finery x Snackfood capsule collection - Tomboy The Straits Finery x Snackfood capsule collection - Tic Tac
Tic Tac Earrings Tomboy Earrings Waterfall Earrings


  • The Tic Tac – purposely mismatched earrings inspired by ‘your first pair of earrings’;  simple dots and discs. The mismatch represents a time when as teens, we would lose at least one side of the earrings and eventually end up wearing any earrings lying around.

  • The Tomboy – modelled on the ear cuffs everyone once had but these are made with a twist. The spiral construction gives the illusion of two piercings. They take you back to a time of rebellion, where you experiment with androgyny, additional piercings and ‘alternative’ styles of the day.

  • The Waterfall – the most elegant pair of the collection, featuring sleeper earrings that just slide into your everyday style. They are discreet yet make a strong feminine statement.


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