It has come to our attention that there may be some sites selling their own products under the name STRAITS FINERY. 

Please be aware that genuine The Straits Finery pieces are only sold via our official website and stockists listed on our website.

This was brought to light by a kind follower of ours and we are truly grateful to her.

It is disconcerting as this seller has been selling items of their own design to customers and those who have not been happy with their purchases have been writing to us with their complaints about the items not being genuine gold or not at all what they had ordered.

As original brand owners, it is disappointing to have been misrepresented in this way and that buyers from this seller have had this unpleasant experience.

Upon investigation, this seller has been selling their own designs as solid 22 karat gold at extremely low prices too low to be true.

Please note that when buying genuine gold jewellery, it can never be lower than the stated gold market. Gold is a commodity with pricing that is determined by market forces, much like global currencies.

We hope that anyone buying gold jewellery do not get caught up in a good bargain and are able to take the time to make informed purchases.

Some key pointers for customers who wish to buy an original item from The Straits Finery:

  • The Straits Finery can only be purchased from our website or our officially listed stockists.
  • Your pieces will only come in our signature blue packaging
  • All our designs are displayed on our official website. Should you see any other designs that bear a brand name similar to ours, they will not be genuine The Straits Finery products. 

If in doubt, please feel free to get in touch with us via our official enquiry address: or our contact form

This article explains best what we suspect is happening; hence it is important that we all help each other to remain vigilant when shopping online.

For additional reading on tips for online shopping safety, here is some good reading for a safe online shopping experience:

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We wish everyone to always enjoy their online shopping experience, but we all need to constantly be mindful of where we buy from, especially when we go down that shopping rabbit-hole searching for that dream item!

Much love,

Amira & Chern


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