Every Parcel Matters

In the early days of starting the brand, we spent a considerable amount of time working on how our pieces will be packaged. How the pieces will arrive and be presented to our customers. The aspiration was to create packaging that would be a reflection of The Straits Finery - a brand that is elegant in both design and versatility. It had to be beautiful, and it had to make sense. The question was how we could create packaging that looks good when it arrives, and good enough to keep... forever? We hope?

We wanted to avoid creating waste. 

There is something intrinsically Asian about not throwing things out and being wasteful. We have all grown up being told that every grain of rice you have scooped out of the pot onto your plate must be eaten; every plastic bag you bring home needs to be neatly folded up (into little triangles with specific origami-like precision) to be used again and again. Funny how these little life lessons permeate the strangest aspects of your life. 

But I digress...

After many rounds of tossing our own ideas into the the proverbial bin, we settled on a custom made box sturdy enough to get through international shipping unscathed that also looks good on the shelf (or wherever you stash your finery).

We created boxes that could fit more than a single ring or necklace, but something that was versatile. This allows us to pack more than one item into a box. It also comes with the added benefit of being able to use the box to store enough jewellery for a trip away. Keep all your rings and necklaces in place with the multiple slots for your pieces and stuff it in your hand carry and off you go! If you do need separate boxes for gifting and such, just drop us a note in your order and we are happy to separate the pieces in different boxes for you.

So happy were we with our box we sort of forgot that shipping bags from the couriers are just that... bags. In the early days, had perpetual visions of our boxes getting smashed under piles of giant boxes so we packed parcels in bubble wrap (oh the horror). The boxes are sturdy, but they're still made of cardboard - not as tough as gold.

Oh the folly of our ways!

We have since done away with the bubble wrap and designed our Straits Finery paper sleeves in a soft blue hue. Yes, they arrive a little shabby around the edges, but everything else on the inside remains intact (phew!).

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